Workshop by David Gray in Brügge. Classical portrait technique

klassische portrait workshop klassische art david gray

from 01.07 till 11.07 – 11 days of great workshop by amazing artist David Gray. Classical portrait and classical oil painting technique. That was a great time and great chance to learn so many things about classical oil painting techniques, about colors and pigments, about artists. 10 people from different parts of the world (U.S, Peru, Germany, France, Belgien, Holland, Italy) came together to learn from David. There are not so many people, who can be good teacher, but David is a GOOD teacher! To listen to him, to see how he paint and to learn from him – that was such a pleasure! 2 models, 10 students, 11 days. And Brügge is such a wonderful city! Perfect for classical art workshop!

I want to say THANK YOU David, Aego, Yesim and Frederik! Thanks for everyone whom I´ve met there (Nina, Lisa, Esmeralda, Peter, annika, Lia, Eva, Astrit, Martin, Hose) – you are great! It was super time and I´m gonna miss you all!


David Gray web site

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