Tatiana Rivilis (b. 1986) Moscow, Russia
A 2010 graduate of the university in Moscow, Tatiana specialized in graphic design and art history. In 2012 she moved from Russia to Germany, where gradually she discovered an interest in painting. The first attempts began with numerous old masters’ copies and studies of mainly Russian school of painting of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The greatest influence was rendered by artists of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and European artists such as Egon Schiele, Nikolay Feshin, Anders Zorn.
Tatiana’s works range from classical drawing to modern expressive style, both in painting and in graphics. They can be divided into several genres: portraits in the classical style, a series of works with hands images – one of the artist’s most favorite objects, and expressive bright portraits whose colors and forms create a sense of dynamism and vibration of work.
In her works, Tanya Rivilis also uses non-standard materials, such as transparent paper (multi-layered works with a creative opportunity to constantly modify the picture) and mirror (a game with reflection and creation of random color and light solutions), thereby inviting the viewer to become a participant in the interactive process.
For several years of working with painting and graphics, Tatiana Rivilis held several exhibitions in Germany and the Netherlands. In November 2017 Tatiana had an exhibition of portraits of the royal Romanov family in Astoria Hotel, St. Petersburg, after which all works were purchased by the famous Russian jeweler Peter Aksenov and two state museums of St. Petersburg. And at the moment Tatiana is working on a new portrait series specially for the Astoria Hotel (St. Petersburg) ballroom.

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