Unique works.
A single copy is available. Each work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and signed by the artist.

Series “Color is the Power”
With this series, the artist strives to experiment with bold color schemes to open new sides in the representation of the human character in portrait. The color is used as a powerful tool to convey energy, feelings, and emotions. The conceptual idea has led to a modern interpretation of classical art – this is realism, embodied in new techniques. The series is presented in several galleries in Europe.

Series “Multilayer art”
The multilayer art is a unique author’s technique that was born from the idea of our constantly changing nature, the transitions of mood and characters throughout life. Thanks to the use of transparent paper and different backgrounds, you can always change and create your own artwork design, adjusting them to your mood, as well as to match the painting to any interior.
The set includes a unique drawing on translucent paper and 3 different backgrounds with abstract graphic designs, that you can alternate, replace with your own background or just leave the drawing on a white background in a classic version.

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