Portrait of Maria

I was inspirited by old Dutch Renaissance Masters and Flemish Renaissance painting. I really love that dark background and drapery, how candle light lies on fabric… So I took my little sister and dress her in some red and white fabric with lace. We took a couple of photos and I started to paint.

I tried to be slow and accurate in details and movements. I started with a face and hand – all that skin color and gradients, than I painted all fabrics and in the end – background.

I hope all that look like Flemish Renaissance painting)

I really loved painting in such style, so I´m not going to stop on this portrait and soon will show you second work.

When I was searching for an inspiration I found that so many people admire this epoch and style. Maybe that´s because it is so mysterious and full of symbols and darkness. Here are some people and projects in this style.

Thank you

Bill Gekas, „Portrait“ This artist does portraits of his daughter in the style of old Dutch Renaissance Masters.

Renaissance Portraits by Christian Tagliavini – really beautiful photos! I love it


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