Michael Carson

I love fashion, I wish I could design clothes, but never really saw that as a possibility for whatever reason. Even though I am using references, I always end up changing the outfit to suit me and my needs for the painting. So I guess I do design clothing in a manner.

High heels, classy outfits and playful poses. Michael Carson portrays ladies and gentleman in bars, nightclubs and occasionally in more intimate environments. Being the madly talented artist that he is, Michael manages to let each of his paintings tell it’s own story. I love how their expressions range between mystery and absence. Even the women in groups appear to be alone and lost in thoughts… Some fragments of his paintings also seem to have faded a bit, leaving a classic and fresh impression at the same time. Beautiful!

Born in Minneapolis, Michael Carson graduated from the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Design in 1996. He started painting full time in 2001 and his works have been featured in both solo- and group exhibitions.

The interesting thing to me isn’t necessarily the pattern itself, but how it’s applied over the painting, and how the flat pattern can float over a dress that has folds and creases and volume. I just love the push and pull effect that has on the work. It becomes very graphic and designed. And painterly. And it’s this combination that keeps me excited to continue every day in the studio.

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