Kevin Best´s still life photography

Kevin Best is reinterpreting the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, in a new medium: photography.
Kevin Best manages to freeze time and take us back to that golden era, he has amassed an extensive collection of items which featured in the original paintings, from a giant glass Roemer’s and delicate “Kraak” porcelain to German Westerwald jugs, agate and silver knives, silver cups and 300 year old bronze candlesticks that have miraculously survived.
And each work for each shot can take weeks or months to fully prepare.
It is simply amazing that he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the significance of each and every item used on the “canvas” of each shot in each work and how they interact with each other to form a narrative that had a deep significance in a time of great wealth and fear.
A narrative really that resonates to this day.

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