Tania Rivilis (b. 1986) 

Tania Rivilis began painting at the age of 27, after moving to Germany from Russia in 2012. Working hard on technique and creating her own signature style, just one year later Tania entered the art world with her first solo shows. Tania’s works range from classical to modern expressive style. For several years of working with painting and graphics, the artist held exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia.

In 2016 began a collaboration between Tania Rivilis and Russian jeweler Petr Axenov, which led to many special projects, both for private and state collections. Her two drawings based on “War and Peace” novel by Leo Tolstoy were part of the Axenoff Jewelry House exhibition at the State Historical Museum in Moscow.

Tania’s paintings are now part of museum, gallery, and private collections all over the world, such as state museums of St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg Museum, Vladimirskiy Palace and Marble Palace), Astoria Hotel (Rocco Forte Hotels), private collection of Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Seraphim, private collection of fashion designer Lee Paton, and more.

The work of Tania Rivilis is distinguished by a wide range of themes and a variety of techniques: from classical and academic portraits to contemporary impressionist works, from gala oil portraits to graphic drawings. Her signature style reveals a personal desire of art experiment and paying homage to traditional craftsmanship at the same time: this is a concept of classical art in modern interpretation.

The artist strives to combine forms, colors, and art history in order to find a new expressive language of beauty. Searching for interesting images and types, conveying the soul through appearance and gaze – Tania’s works are focused on the philosophical reading of the human image and the dialectical concept of the human soul.



2015 – solo exhibition in Alt Wien gart space. Dortmund, Germany

2015 – solo art exhibition “Back to Classics” in Gruppe 11 gallery. Bochum, Germany

2016 – group art exhibition in Galerie Bücken. Herzogenrath, Germany

2016Offene Ateliers Kohlscheid

2017 – an exhibition of portraits of the royal Romanov family in Astoria Hotel. St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 – group art exhibition in Urmond Church. Urmond, Holland

2018 – group art exhibition in Art Gallery Rozendaal. Montfort, Holland

2019 – War and Peace exhibition at the State Historical Museum together with Russian jeweler Petr Axenov. Moscow, Russia

2020 – art exhibition “Story Tellers” at the Galerie Bonnard, Netherlands

2020 – 3D virtual art exhibition “Rebound” at the Galerie Bonnard, Netherlands

2021 Arcadia Gallery Grand Opening SOHO New York, USA (March 2021)

2021 Arcadia Gallery “Male of the Species”  SOHO New York, USA (June-July 2021)

2021 – summer art exhibition at the Galerie Bonnard, Netherlands

2021 The LA ART SHOW (the 26th edition of Los Angeles’ largest, international art fair)

2021 Arcadia Gallery “Five under Five”  SOHO New York, USA (August)


2016 – collaboration projects with Russian jeweler Petr Axenov for Axenoff Jewelry House

2017 – portrait of Vladimir Romanov is donated to Vladimirskiy Palace State museum. St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 – artwork for the presentation of Axenoff House new collection – the “Sleeping Beauty”. Moscow, Russia

2018 – a special project with Lee Paton Atelier: a group portrait of Royal Romanov Family for Lee Paton´s new collection. London, UK

2018 – a monumental oil painting “Doctor Zhivago” specially for traditional Axenoff Ball. Moscow, Russia

2018 – “Doctor Zhivago” (“Russian winter”) painting for the Axenoff Ball. Moscow, Russia

2018 – “Doctor Zhivago” sketch for the earrings design from the new Axenoff Jewelry House collection.

2019 – portrait of Nikolai II for the Lee Paton Ball. London, UK

2020 – collaboration with art dealer Nick Cox (Period Portraits London)

2021 – NFT sales on Foundation.app and Rarible.com

2021 – the honorable mention of the Contemporary Award 2021

2021 – finalists of the 2021 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize in the Raymar Traditional Art category


2004 – 2010 – Moscow Art Industrial University, Moscow. Graphic and Media design.

2015 – 10 days workshop with David Gray (classical portrait). Brugge, Belgien.

2017 – two weeks workshop with Roberts Liberace (classical portrait and figure). Brugge, Belgien.

2018 – private workshop with Ivan Loginov at Royal Art Academy. St. Petersburg, Russia

2019 – 10 days workshop with Cesar Santos (classical portrait). Florence, Italy.

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