Dr. Zhivago Ball (Saint Petersburg)

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Dr. Zhivago Ball (Saint Petersburg)

On November 23, the Costume Ball “Doctor Zhivago” was held in Spiridonov’s mansion. The guests were met by the designer of the Axenoff jewelry house, Pyotr Aksenov.

The theme of the evening was devoted to the period of revolutionary Russia in the 20-30s of the 20th century and, of course, to the cold Russian winter, which occupies a special place in the plot of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago.

“There is no document – there is no person” – read the inscription above the entrance to the mansion, which was guarded by the characters in the suits of revolutionaries. The dress code was designed in the style of the 20s-30s: red, black or white, furs and, of course, brand decorations.

At first, the guests of the ball got into the decorations of the military infirmary, where the professor made a round of the patients, and the caring nurse helped the soldiers. And only then – in a dazzling white room with a Christmas tree, around which couples danced to the sounds of the piano.

At this interesting moments of the holiday is not over. In the main hall, opera diva Daria Davidoff performed ancient romances. And the interior of one of the rooms was decorated with a picturesque canvas by the artist Tatiana Rivilis. with the main characters of the novel “Doctor Zhivago” – Yuri Zhivago and Lara.

Guests were offered treats that combine elements of the favorite dishes of revolutionaries and aristocrats, and cocktails according to old recipes.





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