Formal event (Salon) at Petr Axenov´s place, Saint Petersburg

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“How I love Saint Petersburg!” Emotional jeweler Peter Aksenov learned to live in two cities based on the novel “War and Peace”. He now has this mode. Spends his working week, as before, in Moscow, in the showroom on Povarskaya Street, in the real house of the Rostovs. And on Friday morning, he sits down on the nine o’clock Sapsan and rushes, rushes, rushes – in order to dine his ear already in Astoria.

Seven broth in the northern city with the help of Aksenov became much stronger. In February, in his temporary shelter – an apartment in the adjutant entrance of the palace of Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich – Peter called his friends and girlfriends to play for them the Petersburg salon of Anna Pavlovna Sherer from his favorite novel. I bought an old harpsichord, I borrowed musicians from Vladimir Kekhman at the Mikhailovsky Theater. He did not even wait for March 8: to express love in a room overlooking the Kunstkamera, there is no need to be attached to dates.

Petr, loyal to Russian butlers, poured champagne from the Crimean shores and danced tango with Mariinsky Theater prima Maria Shirinkina. The atmosphere in the cabin turned out to be correct, authentic: the guests severely condemned those present who did not read the book Atlas Shrugged His shoulders, which had accidentally appeared in the conversation, a little bit scolded Moscow. To the great sorrow of those present, the writer Irina Oganova could not come. She had a good reason – she was lagging behind the high-society group traveling around India, flew out later than her nimble friend Shelyagova.

“Yes, there is ice and snow, but I am warmer in St. Petersburg.” Petr noted that his need for art is growing along with the mid-life crisis. And beauty – it warms the soul. In addition, in his city-namesake, the tradition to meet the dear guest at the station has been preserved, and in Moscow, the last time they did it was only under Leo Tolstoy, and with a large share of artistic imagination.

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