Axenoff Tiara Ball, Saint Petersburg

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Guests Tiara Ball in St. Petersburg
The presentation of the new collection Axenoff Princess Anastasia was held in the format of this ball

November 24, the entire secular Moscow moved to the northern capital. The occasion was the presentation of the new line of the Axenoff jewelry brand called Princess Anastasia – in honor of the youngest daughter of Emperor Nicholas II. For one evening, the St. Petersburg Hotel Astoria moved its guests to the beginning of the last century for a real royal ball: the walls of the halls were decorated with portraits of representatives of the House of Romanov, which the artist Tatiana Rivillis wrote specifically for Tiara Ball, and the decorators Julia Nguyen and Oksana Babayeva recreated the royal box with a huge canopy and gilt porcelain eagles.

The main element of the ball of the dress code was Axenoff tiara or kokoshnik. The host of the evening, Petr Aksenov, appeared before the guests in the ceremonial Circassian – a copy of the one that the last Russian tsar once wore. In the role of the muse of the Anastasia Romanova collection was the 4th grade student of the Moscow State Academy of Artists Anastasia Thompson. The outfits of Anastasia, as well as performers of the roles of other princes, empresses and maids of honor were created by the St. Petersburg brand So Number One especially for the ball.

The evening began with a waltz from the ballet “Swan Lake” performed by a symphony orchestra. At the end of the dance a theatrical performance unfolded: the light went out, and Grigory Rasputin appeared on the throne, and then the entire imperial family entered the hall. In the dance struggle, Rasputin fought with Princess Anastasia, but was eventually expelled by her.

Tiara Ball guests were also awaited by the performance of a gypsy ensemble and dinner in Russian traditions with a special dessert Amber Room in the form of a precious casket, which was invented by Petr Aksenov.

Tiara Ball was visited by Snezhana Georgieva, Oksana Bondarenko, Daria Lisichenko, Anna Ivchenko and many others.

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